Just Dandy: Flower Crowns for Everyone!

If you never had the chance to made daisy chains or dandelion crowns when you were a knee-scraping tike– NO WORRIES! It’s never too late to learn.


Whoever said that Dandelions are weeds has obviously not made enough flower corwns in their lifetime to appreciate them.

Step 1: Pick the fattest dandelions/daisies/thick stemmed flower you can find… preferrably the dandelions in your lazy neighbor’s overgrown yard.

4Maybe even grab some violets. Even if you don’t use them you can have them as a snack! Completely edible and a great source of Vitamin C!

6 7

Step 2: Create a slot near the bloom of your flower. You can then slide the stem of another flower into the hole. The closer the hole is to the bloom, the less gaps in your magnificent crown. Keep doing this until you have a nice long chain.

8 9

Feel free to add some other folliage like these pretty purple things and Japanese maple leaves. You can even make a crown out of old dead flowers from your last birthday!  10 photo[2]

3. Pick a smaller bloom to close the crown and BOOM! All hail queen of the garden!photo[3]

And when you are tired of your royal duties, just put that pretty crown somewhere strange… Like on a vacuum that doesn’t work… Or on your salad! Dandelions, although vacuumsomewhat bitter are also edible! SCORE! salad_with_violets

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