Bleach Me Bro! Tie-Dye and beyond!

Ever get sick of your wardrobe? Love the smell of swimming pools and hotel bathrooms? Aren’t afraid of chemical burns?

Well— bleach tie-dye is the thing for you!

All you gotta do is get your hands on some cheap Family Dollar bleach ($1.65), clothes you don’t care about and some rubber bands and you got yourself a tie-dye factory.


Nom, nom call Poison Control. Don’t let the “Lavender Scent” fool you… Bleach smells like bleach.

Step 1: Get a boring stupid shirt you want to bleach the **** out of.

Step 1: Get a boring stupid shirt you want to bleach the **** out of.


Step 2 : Tie rubber bands all over that sucker until it looks like a little lumpy creature!


Step 3: Let your little critter soak in a strong blend of bleach and water for about 30 minutes. Aww, the bleach loves me!


Step 4: Remove from bleach and rinse, rinse and RINSE again. Gloves are probably a good idea for this step… My fingers felt funny after doing this.


Ta Da! Now your plain ol’ shirt is trippy and fun! Now make sure you machine wash it before wearing so you don’t get any strange skin reactions. 


Oh and denim is AWESOME for bleaching. Dark blue turns to an acid washed golden tan. Killer!

Now you are all hopped up on fumes and ready to look unfashionable. Happy sunshiny day!

Unfashionably Yours,

❤ Anna

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2 thoughts on “Bleach Me Bro! Tie-Dye and beyond!

  1. Katy on said:

    I love this idea!

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