Miss.Matched — Screw Coordination

Who was the genius who decided that denim goes with everything but tye-dye doesn’t? Someone explain to me how leopard print is a “neutral” but blue doesn’t go with black? The whole idea of matching leaves me staring at my closet in confusion… especially since 95% of my clothes are funky paterns, race t-shirts and American flag tees from Goodwill.


Matching means that no one does a double-take at your plaid/polkadot/zebra ensemble. As a kid, playing dress-up never required matching, and you always looked dynamite, so screw it. Let’s get clashy.


I don’t see flowers getting upset at each other in a garden… In my book, floral’s a floral’s a floral!

 IMG_5403  IMG_5408
You can even make a political statement with your mismatching! Some may argue FREEDOM matches everything.
Somewhere in between Apache, Comache and Mom’s L.L. Bean Thermal lies my favorite outfit. Apologies for the ancient spiritual art these mass-produced patterns are ripping off!
Seems to me that clashing is a royal trend… CALL THE FASHION POLICE!
Uh-Oh. Someone better tell this African king that his stripes and animal prints aren’t coordinating!
 Nice try Queen Catherine, but fur, feathers, florals and geometric prints are just not OK!
Looks like nature knows that matching is silly! Stripes and spots go together beautifully!

I take issue with “matching.” I am not just talking about clothing, but ideologies, personalities and other norms that people are fine with carbon-copying. When everyone “matches,” life is boring. Those who aren’t afraid to clash are the revolutionaries. Just think— if Americans were still matching with old beliefs, the world would be flat, women wouldn’t be able to vote and race would still be a hierarchy.

SCREW MATCHING.  Let’s continue to clash with the norm. All colors go together!


Unfashionably Yours,

❤ Anna

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