Dirty. Finger. Love.

You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their hands.

Great guitar players have calloused finger tips and strong nails for picking and strumming, farmers have dirt deep under their fingernails from planting and harvesting, etc.

Somewhere along the lines of history, society has deemed these real-world hands as unattractive and manicured (manniquin-looking) hands to be ideal.


When I see someone with perfectly prim, trimmed and polished nails I think one of three things…

1. WOW, you must be a very careful person who doesn’t like to get dirty or do stuff.

2. I wish i had the money to spend $25-$30 on the dead cells that grow out of my fingers.

3. When is prom?!

I seem to only paint my finger nails when I have a lot of time on my hands (pun intended).  I’ll polish my nails when I am bored at home or when I am bored at CVS and want to test out every neon color and “Crackle” effect. (Why anyone would want their nails to look like a drought beats me.)IMG_4582IMG_4580

More than eyes, hands are a window to the soul, displaying our anxieties, passions, and habits. We do lots of cool stuff with out hands, so why try and cover it up with chemical paints and chunks of plastic? I think it is time to cure ourselves of this manicure mindset and be happy with our phalanges just they way they are!

Check out these hot new “manicure” looks that real people rock everyday!

The Carpenter: 

IMG_5136 IMG_5138

These hands say: Look at all the amazing work I can do! I build, and spackle and paint and give really good high fives!IMG_5135

There’s no way real manicured hands could build this house.IMG_5141

THUMBS-UP MICHAEL AND PIPER! Carpenter extrodinares!IMG_5142

The Artist: These fingers play all day with sharpies and paint and love drawing doodle masterpieces. The abstract shape of chipped purple polish is way more fun than a perfect coat.


IMG_5146 You rock Michelle— Keep up the colorful work!IMG_5148

The Printmaker: These are my fingers after a session of intaglio printing… They may not look pretty, but look at the beautiful things dirty fingernails produce— IMG_5151 IMG_5152


And there you have it— a no frills finger revolution. Show the world what your hands can do. And whatever you do, don’t become this lady!

Unfashionably Yours,

❤ Anna

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