I was recently cruising to class on my red bicycle named Ruby when I encountered something mindblowing. If any of you have every ridden down Congress Street you know the  steep decline and lane-changing madness that occurs on a morning commute with half-asleep drivers shoving granola bars and hot coffee in their mouths as they slam on their breaks for a red light. As I waited at the intersection, I noticed a fellow biker beside me wearing no helmet and huge, old-school headphones.bilde

“Hey there!… Good moring?…” — Me

(No reply) — Stupid Hipster

“HEY! You should really wear a helmet on roads like this! You could get hurt!” —Me

(He removes his headphones) “Huh?” — Confused Stupid Hipster

“You should really wear a helmet!!! It makes me nervous seeing people ride without them.” — Me

“Oh… (Sarcasticly) Ok.”

The light changed and I highly doubt he took my words of advice about— Oh, I don’t know… TRYING TO SAVE HIS LIFE!?


“Eh look at me on my fixie in this really hilly environment! I am so alternative— but I cannot actually pedal uphill…”

It seems strange that a college-educated individual, who is spending thousands of dollars on the knowledge they hold inside their precious head, wouldn’t want to protect their skull from irreversible brain damage…right?


Oh look at this hottie… Heels, headphones, and a basket… Cringe.

Ninety-one percent of bicyclists killed in 2009 reportedly weren’t wearing helmets and helmet use has been estimated to reduce head injury risk by 85 percent. Just like wearing a seatbelt, wearing a helmet is a common sense step to saving your face from looking like this:


No matter how careful you think you are, wrecks happen. Take it from me; I have had the pleasure of getting six stitches in my foot after a bike wreck that occurred when I was NOT EVEN MOVING! (Apologies for the graphic iPhone operating room photo!)


Even Lance Armstrong was, at the very least, wise enough to wear a helmet, thus allowing him to live long enough to lie about his steroid use!

So as the Athens weather starts warming up and you bring that beautiful bike out of hibernation, don’t be a fool— WEAR A HELMET! Who cares if it messes up your hair, it won’t mess up your brain.


“Oh hey boys! Yeah, I may have a great ass, but I do not see a car that is coming!”

Who says helmets can’t be hella-cool?!


Wearing a helmet makes you have superhuman strength!


And all the cool kids in Athens are wearing ’em!


So don’t be a stupid (unsafe) hipster … wear a helmet. For your sake!

UNfashionably Yours,

Anna ❤

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One thought on “WHAT THE HELMET?!

  1. Thank you! I used to be that stupid unsafe hipster. Then I got hit by a car and I realized that wasn’t the best idea I ever had. Now I wear my ugly, unfashionable blue helmet. I hate it but I love my brain more.

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