Track Star— to the Bar: Athletic Spandex to the rescue!

February may be a short month, but these Ohio winters are still damn long. Is it  jorts and flippy-floppy season yet? Spring break is so close I can smell it, but for now I am still cold and may or may not have shaved my legs this week. The answer to these #winterproblems is simple: Under Armour Tights

DISCLAIMER: This is not an advertisement for Under Armour.117927560

I think it is ridiculous that the brand has its own overpriced store on Court Street (with creepy way-too-muscular mannequins) but I stand by their running tights as the warmest thing you can squeeze your hairy winter legs into

These tights are the most versatile (and flexible) “pants” in my world.

You can wear them on your morning jog! Yipee!


In sun or snow… Your tights will keep you going strong! 


Do some mid-day lunges! Why? Because you are wearing spandex and you can!
381044_2252445273021_1462963548_nHeck, you can even put a skirt over them! Tights can be fancy as all get out!


And when the sun goes down, you are ready to go! Brush the dirt off your tights, belt that sh** and you are ready to party! (Does anyone recognize this basement?…. BETA!)DSC00312As long as you brush off any mud from your morning run, no one will know that you’ve worn those “pants” all day! Get it girl! (But please remove that toilet paper from your shoe… That’s embarrassing)24856_327460230874_712315874_3670641_3068880_n

So when some jerk spills a beer on your outfit, you can brush it off — no worries! Your tights will wick that moisture faster than he can buy a new Bud Lite. Nice!

From a track star — straight to the bar! Now you know why superheroes wear spandex suits… Because those spandex really does save the day! And when you wake up after a night of comfortably dropping it low and looking fit as a fiddle, you are dressed and ready to run off that hangover! OHYEAH!

Don’t be scared to stay warm, and keep it tight.

Unfashionably Yours,



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