Cut It Out!

Are you tired of your boring old T-shirts? Do you look in your drawers and go, “meh…” Well I sure do! Since I am poor and have a deep love for elementary school crafts, I decided to just take my lame shirts and cut ’em! Here’s how to take your blandest old garbs and make them UNfashionably awesome!

Step 1. For your saddest and most boring shirt… Stains are encouraged ( you can cut that fool OUT!)


Poor lil’ guy… He’s just so plain!IMG_4379

Step 2. Grab your sharpest scissors and remove whatever you feel like!


* I always like to chop the collar and seams… I ain’t got time for no neck constricting collars!


*Remember to go easy… A cut cannot be undone!


*Sometimes drawing out your design helps! IMG_4386

Step 3. Make sure to keep the scraps for your punk headband collection… (Throwback to my Warped Tour days… SAOSIN! STARTING LINE! HELLOGOODBYE! AHH!)


Step. 4. Shazzam! you are now a holey-son-of-a-gun who is ready to party!


Who is that angel!?



Well isn’t that nice! Here are some other cut it out designs you may try 😀


Air Force forever…

*Warning— cutting sleeves may cause you to take seductive pictures with your friends in your kitchen.426097_10151314718575875_1393782764_n


Get all fringy for free! (Mind  my dirty room!)

So when you are feeling bored with your dudz, grab your skizzers and SNIP SNIP SNIP! A new UNfashionable look is only a cut away!


Unfashionably Yours,


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