My Lil’ Dreadlock

I don’t know if it is because I have spent the last four years in Athens, Ohio (the hippie-est of college towns) but recently I have unintentionally been developing dreadlocks. Correction, I have been developing a singular dreadlock.


I’d like you to meet my lil’ dreadlock friend. Maybe you have one too. It’s that chunk of hair that no matter how you try, keeps matting itself into a felt-like tangle. It is kinda like a small animal that likes to stay warm against the base of my neck, or maybe it’s just my inner free spirit growing right out of my head.IMG_4233

Either way, if I don’t comb this sucker over every day, two times a day, I will end up looking like this.


Or This…


but at least I’d find love…



Now don’t get me wrong, dreads can be awesome! I have met my fair share of successful dread-heads, but I will never be one of them. (What would I do in lectures if I couldn’t comb through my hair in search of split ends?)

Since February sixth marked Bob Marley’s 67th birthday, I think we should honor of the great and peaceful reggae master by letting all let our lil’ dreads shine, mon!

Unfashionably Yours,



****I apologize for the ridiculousness of this Photoshopped mess! I just had to…****

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3 thoughts on “My Lil’ Dreadlock

  1. hahahah oh my god. this made me lol in class

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